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Laser Power and Power Stability Measurement——Power Meter

     Laser power meter is used to measure laser power and power stability. CNI as a world's leading designer and manufacturer of laser system, designed several laser power measurement instruments with the features of accuracy testing, easy operation, etc., which could fully meet customer's practical needs of laser power and power stability measurement. They are widely used in the research, teaching, medical science, industry and other fields.
     The power can not go beyond the range of the power meter when using it.

Testing Instrument: Power Meter




Model Power range Main features

Thermopile Laser Power Meter

TS2+LP100 2mW-2W

1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -25µm
2. Damage threshold: 40kW/cm2
3. Power measurement range: 2mW-50W
4. Sensitivity diameter: 22mm
5. Minimum measuring precision: 0.1mW
6. SMA905 fiber switch connector

TS5+LP100 2mW-5W
TS15+LP100 5mW-15W
TS35+LP100 10mW-35W
TS50+LP100 10mW-50W

HS series
(High Precision)


1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -15µm
2. Damage threshold: 1.5kW/cm2
3. Power measurement range: 100µW-5W
4. Sensitivity diameter: 8.5mm
5. Minimum measuring precision: 0.01mW

HS5+LP100 100µW-5W
Photoelectric Laser Power Meter PS100 series
(High Precision)
PS100 2nW-100mW

1. Wavelength range: 320-1100nm
2. High precision: ±2%
3. Resolution: 2nW
4. Minimum measuring precision: 0.001nW

PM/ PPM series
(Economical Type)
PPM Desktop 100/500/3000mW

1. Easy operation, economic price and portable device.
2. Wavelength range: 400-1100nm
3. Available for customizing 1-3 kinds of wavelengths

PM Hand-held 100/500/3000mW
Examples of Testing Results
high precision photoeletric power meter testing result wide range thermopile power meter testing result
High precision photoelectric power meter testing result Thermopile power meter testing result


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