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Nanosecond Pulsed Diode Laser

CNI offer nanosecond pulsed diode laser, with tunable pulse width 10ns-10ms (external trigger), good beam profile and high power stability. It has ultra compact design that can be easily integrated into customers instrument. This series laser can be widely used in microelectronics, solar energy, material processing, equipment integration, etc..

Features:   Applications:  
High frequency modulation   Microelectronics  
Good beam profile Material processing
Integrated electronics Solar energy
Compact size Equipment integration

             MDL-NS Series


  Model Output Power
@3.3VDC (CW)
User Trigger Frequency
Pulse Width
(tunable, external trigger mode)
Data Sheet
  405 nm MDL-NS-405 1-500 mW Up to 80 10ns -10 ms
  450 nm MDL-NS-450 1-80 mW Up to 50 10ns -10 ms
  520 nm MDL-NS-520 1-100 mW Up to 50 10ns -10 ms
  635 nm MDL-NS-635 1-200mW Up to 40 10ns -10 ms
  642 nm MDL-NS-642 1-80 mW Up to 30 10ns -10 ms
  655 nm MDL-NS-655 1~180 mW Up to 30 10ns -10 ms
  785 nm MDL-NS-785 1-100 mW Up to 30 10ns -10 ms
  808 nm MDL-NS-808 1-100 mW Up to 10 10ns -10 ms
  830 nm MDL-NS-830 1-120 mW Up to 20 10ns -10 ms
  852 nm MDL-NS-852 1-150 mW Up to 30 10ns -10 ms
  915 nm MDL-NS-915 1-200 mW Up to 30 10ns -10 ms
  980 nm MDL-NS-980 1-200 mW Up to 40 10ns -10 ms
  1060 nm MDL-NS-1060 1-200 mW Up to 40 10ns -10 ms

             MDL-III-P Series


Peak Power

Repetition Rate

Pulse Width

Data Sheet

  905 nm


~135 (@10kHz)


~20 (@10kHz)

  1550 nm


~15.3 (@6kHz)


~150 (@6kHz)


         Testing Data:  Multifunctional Pulse Trigger for MDL-NS Series:

   Internal Trigger:



Pulse testing of short pulse width with fast rise and fall time

User Trigger optional (adjust pulse width)


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